APEC RO-PERM Reverse Osmosis System Review

APEC RO-PERM Reverse Osmosis System Review

Are you worried about your drinking water quality? Do you desire there was a tool to improve your water quality? Worry no more because APEC RO-PERM Permeate Pumped Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System provides the ultimate solution.

It’s overwhelming qualities, and great performance outsmarts other RO systems available currently on the market. It works perfectly for home use as it works perfectly with low water pressure.

It is a 5-stage ultra-pure system built with the US made and NFS certified filters to guarantee your health and water safety. It removes up to 99% water contaminants including chlorine, arsenic, lead, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals among others.

It is very efficient that doesn’t require electricity to function as it utilizes the hydraulic energy usually lost to the drain.

Features of the APEC RO-PERM Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

APEC RO-PERM Reverse Osmosis System is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After weeks of research, testing and analyzing the features, we picked APEC RO-PERM is a one of the best in our Best Reverse Osmosis System list.

The 5-stage Filtration Process

APEC RO-PERM Reverse Osmosis System have 5 stage filtration system that provides us best quality safe drinking water.


Stage 1: Composed of high-quality 10-inch high capacity Polypropylene sediment filters. These filters are responsible for the removal of rust, particles and dust. This stage is significant in that it protects and prolongs the life of the system and membrane.

Stage 2 & 3: Built using superior extruded 10-inch carbon block filters. These two stages enhance the elimination of nasty odors, tastes, chlorine, cloudiness, and colors. Other substance such as volatile organic compounds and other related chemicals are also removed in these two stages.

Stage 4: This stage is composed of the industry’s premium quality FILMTEC high rejection TFC RO membrane. It removes 99% of TDS and contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, lead, fluoride, radium, chromium and arsenic among others.

Stage 5: Made up of advanced coconut casing refining carbon. This stage is also known as total contaminant removal, and it gets rid of any possible residual taste remaining in the tank.

Healthy, Great Taste Ultra-clean Drinking Water

This APEC RO-PERM RO System has a rigorous filtration process that works to produce an unlimited supply of safe bottled-quality water right from your home.

It works efficiently to eliminate up to 99% of unsafe contaminants including unnecessary tastes, odors, and chlorine.

If you want a system that will treat your water and let you enjoy your tea, coffee, and ice cubes without altering their flavor, then APEC RO-PERM RO system is your ultimate choice.

It is very thorough, and its performance is worth its price.

With this system, you will be confident in your drinking water without worry of contracting a water-related illness.

Excellent Ability and Durable Premium Filters

APEC RO-PERMThe APEC RO-PERM utilizes only top rated US-built filters.

The quality membrane used in this system ensures a complete water purification process. It’s not available with other common RO systems.

All the filters applied in this system last two times longer as compared to other RO filters that occasionally need replacement after every six months. The filters are made of quality materials, and its membrane offers the highest rejection capability.

This means you will enjoy unlimited water flow from this great performing system with very minimal maintenance cost for a long time.

Simple and Easy DIY Installation

This system is designed and developed with simple installation and maintenance criteria.

You don’t have to be an expert so as to put it up after purchase. It is prepared with JG quick connection fittings together with colored tubing’s that makes the whole installation process super-fast.

It has a simple step by step guide on how to undertake the whole process.

Every part is designed to fit, and there is a need for additional seals and clips to prevent leakages. After installing, the system requires minimal maintenance to deliver unlimited very clean and safe drinking water.

Strict Quality Regulation Process

All systems are passed through a strict multi-point quality inspection process so as to do away with every component of imperfection.

The regulation process is conducted in five stages. This includes component integrity testing, the construction stage, testing stage, packing stage and the final inspection.

The APEC RO-PERM offers you with ultimate satisfaction and calmness since its operation is very reliable. This system is free from clogs, leaks and doesn’t produce noise during its operation.

It is also fully automated and effectively treats water from different sources such as tap, well and hard water.

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  • It is easy to install and with low maintenance
  • On purchase, you get a free TDS meter
  • Quality and long lasting filters
  • Fully automated
  • It is fully scalable and can be upgraded
  • High performance and very efficient
  • Built on non-electricity booster pump
  • It is expensive but very high-quality water filter system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many gallons per day can this system filter?
A: The systems uses a high-efficiency Dow Film-TEC Membrane and can filter up to 90-gallons a day.

Q: I do not have water flowing at low pressure, is it only applicable to low-pressure water flow rate only?
A:  No, the system can also work well with normal water pressure.

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Final Verdict

If you need a reverse osmosis system that will last long producing clean and high-quality water, then APEC RO-PERM Permeate Pumped Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is a perfect choice. Despite the fact that it’s expensive, purchasing this system guarantees you that the water you will use will be free from any form of contamination, and without odor and taste.

Its performance is unquestionable, and it has got many positive customer reviews. It is no doubt that this system is designed using the best technology to produce ultra-clean and safe drinking water.

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