APEC ROES-50 Premium 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System Review

APEC ROES-50 Review

Are you anticipating to find a lifetime solution for your water quality? You can achieve that with the APEC ROES-50 Premium 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System. It is the best performing water purification system that eradicates contaminants, particles, and microorganisms from water.

The system has been designed and build using quality WQA and FDA tested and certified material. That helps it produce the best quality water suitable for preparing tasty tea, coffee, and ice.

APEC ROES-50 is a five stage filtration process that produces distinguished quality clean drinking water. It can remove up to 99% water pollutants, such as lead, chlorine, microorganisms, arsenic, fluoride, and chromium.

Anybody who wishes to find a long-lasting solution to their water quality problems have to try this best reverse osmosis system.

Features of the APEC ROES-50 Reverse Osmosis System:

APEC ROES-50 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After weeks of research, testing and analyzing the features, we picked Home Master HydroPerfection is a one of the best water filter in our Best Reverse Osmosis Systems list.

The Five-Stage Filtration Process

APEC ROES-50 premium RO system has superior durable filters with the ability to clean both tap and well water. WQA certifies all its equipment, and this guarantees trouble and noise free system for reliable quality drinking water.


    • Stage one: it has ten-inch sediment removal filter. Substances eliminated in this stage include; particles, rust, and dust. This stage prolongs membrane life and the system by trapping these substances because they can clog the whole system.
    • Second & third stage: is made up of carbon block filters that help in eradicating nasty chlorine, odors, tastes, color, and cloudiness. Volatile organic compounds and other such related chemicals are also eliminated at this stage.
    • Stage four: composed of high rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane eliminates water pollutants such as; arsenic, lead, bacteria, fluoride, chromium, and radium.
    • Stage five: it has the coconut casing refining carbon filters. It is the final stage, and it removes any residual taste or odor from the tank.

Rigorous Control Process

One of the most outstanding features with APEC ROES-50 is its control process. Fixing this system is not stressing at all.

The system is put across a thorough multi-point control process to ensure that even the most insignificant element imperfection is eliminated.

The control process starts by testing the component integrity, and then the construction phase, then the testing phase, then the packing phase and lastly the final inspection phase where everything is checked and confirmed to be in order.

All that is done to ensure that the system delivered at your premises is trouble free and will present you with peace of mind when using it.

Quality John Guest Quick Connection Fittings

APEC ROES-50APEC ROES-50 Water Filter System is constructed in a way that improves its installation.

It has quality John Guest quick connection fittings that do not need extra clips and seals to cover leakages and colored pipes. These colored pipes, clips and seals enhance extremely easy and quick installation as every part are designed to fit perfectly in its position.

All the parts part used to manufacture this system are tested and certified to meet NFS/ANSI standards. The technology invested in this system plus the quality of material used guarantees a natural tasting water.

High Rejection TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The system is fortified with a quality membrane that is NFS certified. The APEC ROES-50 membrane is very durable, and its replacement is inexpensive.

The technology used in designing the membrane help to eliminate contaminants such as arsenic, lead, bacteria, fluoride, chromium, and radium among others.

You don’t have to worry about the efficiency of your system because as long as the membrane is in good condition, you are guaranteed pure, quality drinking water.

Quality and Durable Carbon Block Filters

It is designed with durable industry standard-sized compact block filters that have high contaminant rejection ability.

Most filters on the market today need replacement after six months, but ROES-50 filters can serve up to 12 months. That means once you have fixed your system, it will serve smoothly without any complications for a longer time.

It will also save a lot on servicing and maintenance fee.

Automated Shutdown System

ROES-50 Reverse Osmosis System is built in with an automatic shutdown system that turns off when the tank is full. Once you have this system, you are assured of unlimited pure quality water.

The system knows when to start and when to stop, and no water wastage is expected.

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  • Contaminant efficiency removes guarantees tasty, safe and healthy drinking water
  • Quality grade filters protect the system and prolong membrane life
  • Easy to use with water at varying pressure, pH levels and hardness
  • Minimizes water wastage
  • Stress-free control system
  • Quiet system
  • Lesser storage tank capacity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Are the filters used in this system able to remove hormones?
A: The ROES-50 uses 0.0001 micron RO membrane combined with three carbon filters that can eliminate both hormones and pharmaceutical drugs.

Q: How big is the system and what space it need beneath the sink cabinet?
A: The system is mounted below the kitchen counter whereby it leaves room for other things like bins and cleaning products around it. Underneath you can also have your kitchen trash container which means it is very efficient regarding space.

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Final Verdict

APEC ROES-50 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is very pocket-friendly and has been designed with quality technology to offer the best results. I am quite confident that APEC ROES-50 reverse osmosis system will become an essential product in your house. It has a completely integrated setup that produces bottled quality water.

I highly recommend to buy this product, and you will appreciate its performance and ability. Check now APEC ROES-50 RO system because am sure you will love it.

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