Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Review

aquasana optimh2o review

Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis system is among the top rated water filtration systems available on the market. It offers the ultimate quality of drinking water available for peak hydration. The Aquasana AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Water Filter has an RO membrane which can eliminate contaminants including inorganic substances.

Besides, among the features that make this system unique is its ability to flush contaminants from the system once collected. Unlike other RO systems which store these dangerous chemicals and pollutants for manual removal,

Aquasana AQ-RO-3 has a household water pressure that forces the water through a membrane that filters chemicals and contaminants from your water.

In addition, this is the first of a kind system which integrates super quality performance with remineralization and Claryum filtration technology for peak hydration and health. It’s key to note that this system eliminates dangerous chemicals and contaminants only.

It does not interfere with useful minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Regarding this, the system offers you a health benefit not provided by most conventional RO systems.

Moreover, OptimH2O Fluoride system can enhance the pH level of your final water output. Unlike most reverse osmosis systems which can eliminate up to 15 contaminants, this product is five times better and eliminates up to 74 contaminants from your water giving it the best quality and great tasting.

Dissimilar from the standard norm of five or seven filtration stages of most of the reverse osmosis systems, Aquasana OptimH2O has only three stages. This doesn’t mean that it’s less efficient or ineffective but rather it combines some processes that other systems carry out as two stages.

The Aquasana AQ-RO-3 RO System eliminates up to 99% of asbestos and lead, 97% of arsenic and chlorine, and up to 95 % of mercury and fluoride. After the water has undergone all the filtration stages, it finally passes through the final remineralization stage. This step is critical as it gives the water a more natural like the taste as well increasing the pH level to a more neutral state.

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Features of The Aquasana AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Water Filter

Sturdy Filtration System Design

aquasana optimh2o reviewThe Aquasana OptimH2O RO system has the finest quality in mind. It has a striking high-tech design that incorporates exceptional materials.

The Aquasana Fluoride Water Filter system can produce up to 36-gallons of pure and super clean water per day. Moreover, its smart construction minimizes plastic wastage meaning it’s very useful for people who only consider eco-friendly products.

All the material and units of this product are NSF certified, and the filters are easily replaceable.

The Claryum together with the environmental friendly carbon filter housing quickly turns making it quick and easy to replace your depleted filters.

It is fundamental to note that the Claryum and the carbon filters are replaced after every six months or after yielding 365 gallons of water. The filter changing is vital for the continuous production of quality super clean drinking water.

Moreover, the system has a remineralization unit attached on the side of its filter manifold. The remineralization unit enhances the final pH level, eliminates the RO taste and gives the water a natural like taste.

Excellent Performance

aquasana optimh2o reviewThe Aquasana OptimH20 RO systems can yield up to 36-gallons of water per day. It features the fastest flow rate delivering optimally super clean and healthy water at a speed of about 0.8GPM.

Its performance is incomparable.

It’s catalytic, and activated carbon filters can eliminate herbicides, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, chloramines, and chlorine while its RO membrane can reduce heavy metals like lead and mercury. Besides the system has an absolute sub-micron filtration phase which removes cysts and asbestos resistant to chlorine.

The system filtration stages are highly effective and can remove fluoride up to 95% and over 70 other harmful contaminants.

Aquasana OptimH2O Water Efficiency

With most RO systems, for every gallon of pure water produced; there is a measurable amount of waste water produced. The amount of waste water produced depends on the water pressure and changes from system to system.

It averagely ranges between one to six gallons for every gallon of clean water produced. Most systems use this waste water to flush away contaminants from the reverse osmosis membrane.

However, this system utilizes a different approach and has an efficiency of 17.91%. This means that to produce a gallon of pure water; there will be a production of about five wastewater gallons.

Top-Quality Filtration

aquasana optimh2o reviewThe Aquasana OptimH2O has three distinct phases. It has a reverse osmosis, a selective Claryum filtration, and remineralization phase. Most conventional RO systems only eliminate up to 15 contaminants.

Nonetheless, the Aquasana OptimH2O phases make it unique and give it an ability to eliminate up to 74 contaminants. The reverse osmosis membrane removes about 14 contaminants including lead, Radium, Nitrates, Nitrites and Arsenic among others.

The selective Claryum filtration reduces about 60 contaminants. These include chloramines, pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine, and herbicides among others. Lastly, the remineralization stage is designed to offer a healthy amount of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The remineralization stage is vital since it balances the water pH minimizing the acidity levels giving it a more like natural taste.

The remineralization stage is vital since it balances the water pH minimizing the acidity levels giving it a more like natural taste.

Maintenance and Installation

aquasana optimh2o reviewWhen installing most reverse osmosis systems, the greatest challenge is always installing the faucet where the sink doesn’t have an existing hole. Most reverse osmosis systems only require a half inch or 3/8 inch diameter hole for the faucet.

However, the Aquasana OptimH2O has a chrome faucet that needs a hole of 1.5 to 1.625 inches which might present a challenge to the do-it-yourself installation process. This problem occurs where there is no existing hole, but when there is an existing hole like most modern sinks do have, the installation is very quick and easy.

The installation manual categorically, intensively and keenly offers a clear guideline on what is to be done to setup your system and start enjoying the best quality drinking water.

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  • Can re-mineralize your water giving it a great taste and making it less acidic
  • Eliminates up to 95% fluoride
  • The product comes with a lifetime support from the technical support team
  • Designed with eco-friendly materials
  • The larger diameter faucet might present a challenge during installation
  • The periodical filter changes might be a little bit expensive


Q: Does the product come with detailed installation instructions?
A: Yes, the product comes with an installation manual which categorically and specifically outlines every step during the whole installation process.

Q: Can one lay the tank in sideways and the system work correctly?
A: No, based on my experience, I highly recommend you just keep it upright.

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Final Verdict

If fluoride is your greatest concern, then this product will work correctly for you. Aquasana OptimH2O is an efficient fluoride remover. Moreover, it’s inexpensive, and its ability to re-mineralize your water gives it a great taste.

Aquasana OptimH2O is a must have product for those desiring to purify their water without interfering with quality and valuable minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The system’s performance surpasses its value.

Its manifold design makes installation simpler by minimizing the number of exposed tubes making it appear smarter and tidier.

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