Best Whole House Water Filters in 2020 [Reviews & Comparison]

A best whole house water filter connects to your main water supply entering your home. This ensures that every water outlet is it faucets, toilets, baths, showers, kitchen, laundry among others releases already treated water.  A water filter eliminates a wide array of contaminants depending on the type you buy.

After contacting an in-depth research, interacting with many whole house water filters and contacting interviews on people with different experiences on different water filters, I organized and created an analysis of the 5 best Whole House Water Filters available on the market today. The selected products are rated as the best water filters with a high percentage of positive comments and marked as favorites by the majority.

How I selected 5 Best Whole House Water Filters

One thing that confuses many people in buying water filters is that all accomplish the same purpose. However, the degree of accuracy of contaminants removal, the cost of maintenance and installation process were great factors in establishing the best water filters.

A water filtration system should be reliable in delivering clean and safe drinking water. A good water filtration system should be easy to install and having the minimal maintenance cost. To establish the best whole house water filters there are several factors to consider:

The needed accessories, for example, some of the filtration systems use UV light to kill bacteria and other organisms that might be present in the water. I found these additional features make a water filtration system more competitive in the market and convenient for your use.

Recommended Best Whole House Water Filters Review

Best Whole House Water Filter

Editor Rating: 4.2
The Home Master HMF3SDGFEC is an ideal water purification system with the ability to produce 15 gallons of water per minute. The high rate of filtration will ensure all your daily water needs are met.

Home Master HMF3SDGFEC whole house water filter is a multi-gradient filter system with high dirt holding capacity and excellent filtration. The water purifier has a reliable coconut shell carbon filter that has a long lifespan while providing your family with clean and safe drinking water.

This water cleaning system is well-known for its excellent performance in removing 95% of chemicals, sediments, magnesium, iron and other impurities in water that causes bad odor, taste, and sicknesses.

The oversize filters increase the rate of flow and reduce maintenance frequency of the entire system thereby saving you money and other inconveniences.

The Home Master HMF3SDGFEC filtration system connects to your main water line thus delivering clean and safe water to be used in sinks, toilet and other places in our house.

Unlike most water filter systems, the Home Master HMF3SDGFEC whole house water filtration has three filtration stages. These stages are key and help in eliminating all contaminants from your water. These stages eliminate contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, iron traces, sediments among others.

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Best Whole House Water Filter

Editor Rating: 4.1
The iSpring WGB32B whole house water filtration system is an efficient system that removes up to 95% of the contaminants in water. It is an NFS gradient sediment filter that attains finer filtration with a high rate of removing dirt. With the help of the iSpring WGB32B Whole house water filtration system, you will enjoy crystal clear and clean water in every faucet of your home.

iSpring water filtration system can reduce the majority of pollutants found in your water such as chlorine, mercury, pesticides, lead, odor, smell, and taste among other chemicals and compounds.

The water filtration system has a coconut shell active carbon filters that provide a full year service of delivering clean and safe water for your family use. I can strongly recommend this system for your water cleaning due to the lifespan of the filters.

The system operates with three filtration stages which ensure the elimination of all contaminants ensuring the final product is a clean and safe drinking water. The iSpring water filtration system has NFS certified filters that remove up to 95% sediments, heavy metals, rust, chlorine, volatile organic compounds among other common contaminants. Moreover, it has jumbo port housing that improves the flow rate to about 15gpm minimizing pressure thus to a great extent minimizing maintenance frequency and cost.

The iSpring water filtration system ensures users get the best quality of safe drinking water through the elimination of possible organisms and chemicals in the system. The system can also withstand high-pressure water of up to 15 GPM because of the 1-inch certified filter housings.

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Best Whole House Water Filter

Editor Rating: 4.0
Aquasana eq-1000 is one of the most trusted water purifications systems in the market today. The purifier uses a powerful UV filtration technology that kills 99% of bacteria and viruses present in your water. You are therefore given an assurance of safe drinking water.

Aquasana eq-1000 whole house water filter is also capable of removing 97% of chlorine in the water. As a result, it produces nice-tasting and safe drinking water from your tap. Chlorine is a poisonous chemical when taken in small amounts it eventually leads to death. The removal of chlorine and other harmful chemicals makes the water safe for home use and drinking. It also removes harmful impurities like mercury and other metals and industrial solvents.

One of the major advantages of this house water filter is it doesn’t require electricity to function either does it cause water waste. This reduces extra costs needed to power the filtration process. The water filtration system is also beneficial in maintaining your health.

The Aquasana water filter uses a salt-free technology that prevents the formation of scale in your pipes and corrosion as well

The system also comes with easy to install accessories to ensure simplicity and efficiency of work. It comes with 20-inch pre-filter that has a longer lifespan than the standard 10-inch filters. Besides, the sub-micron post filters provide additional protection from cysts and organic particles.

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Best Whole House Water Filter

Editor Rating: 4.4
Are in need of getting rid of all water contaminants from your tap water? Are you looking for the ultimate whole house water filter that will solve your problem? Then look no further, the 3M Aqua-Pure AP917HD Whole House water filtration system eradicates contaminants in your tap water providing the highest quality of drinking and other house uses. The system is used for home filtration or light commercial places. It has a particulate filtration system that reduces particles to 5 microns size.

Moreover, the 3M Aqua-Pure AP917HD Whole House water filtration system helps in improving the taste of water and removing chlorine chemical. Also, the system has easy to change cartridges which cut down maintenance costs since you don’t need to hire an expert to replace your cartridges.

The flow rate of the system provides about 20 gallons per minute which are enough to meet the demands of a household.

The system requires replacement only once a year. A better way is to replace the cartridge after filtering 100,000 gallons of water. The cost of maintenance is, therefore, lower than many other systems on the market which require constant replacement. I would recommend this filtration system to anyone who wants it for their home use.

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Best Whole House Water Filter

Editor Rating: 4.4
If you need a pocket-friendly and yet highly effective whole house water filtration system, then you need to consider the Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System. It is an excellent whole house water filtration system. It is built to offer ultimate solution to all your water quality wishes. Designed with the most modern technology, Watts WH-LD has a valve for accessing the unit for filtering changes or whenever you need to shut it down. This isn’t a feature with many whole house water filtration systems.

The system has a 50-micron sediment filter that is ideal for people living in places where water has dust and rust particles. This high precision ensures these particles are removed from the water to render it pure for use.

The system also comes with stainless steel inserts that guarantee easy installation in your house. There is no need to incur extra cost for installation since you can do it for yourself. Moreover, the system comes with three filters together with an installation wrench. All its filters are NFS certified.

I highly recommend this system for those who are long for an affordable system that will serve them better.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Whole House Water Filters

Whole house water filters come in many different forms, and they are from different companies. They almost work using the same principle, but their performance and effectiveness differ significantly. Therefore, you need the right filter which will serve its purpose of eliminating all the contaminants from your water.

However, based on the number of whole house filters available, it’s not easy deciding which filter you should buy. The market is full of different types of whole house water filters. These devices range from simple water filters to advanced devices that use membranes for water purification. On this note, I sampled the most critical things that you need to consider when selecting your whole house water filter. These things are essential, and if you follow them, you will end up choosing a water filter which will serve you satisfactorily.

Planning on buying a whole house water filter, consider the following;

Your Water Flow Rate

A flow rate is a number of gallons flowing through your system within a minute. It dictates the amount of water available in your system. You need to know the amount of water flowing in your system so as to decide on what system to buy. Commonly, your water flow rate for your home may range from 12 gallons per minute (GPM) to 40 gallons per minute (GPM). Regarding this, a water filter with a capacity of less than ten GPM is, therefore, improper as it will not ensure an uninterrupted flow of water. Also, it will interfere with the water pressure and cause a huge loss regarding water, time and money.

The Filter Life

Whole house water filters have different filters. Sediment filters lifespan depends on the quality and quantity of water.  On the other hand, carbon filters can serve up to 150 000 GPM in its whole life. Moreover, if the filters have a sustained backwash cycle and a backwash valve, they can last much longer. Make sure you know depending on the quality and quantity of your water you know what type of filters you need.

The filter size

Filter size determines the number of activities. First of all, a large filter will offer a quality service for long. Also, it gives room for more water to flow through the system with great pressure. The amount of water you use per day will determine the water filter size you will select. If you make a mistake and just select any water filter, you might end up having less water than needed or more than needed.

Port size

In most cases, a whole house water filter has a port house of about one inch. Even if your water system at home has a ¾ inches piping system, fitting it into the one-inch port is easy. A whole house filter with one-inch port carry’s enough water that ensures no pressure drops even when the pipe diameters are interchanged.

Contaminants in the water

It is of great importance to know the different impurities in your water before buying a filter system. This helps you in determining the components required for the filtration. The various contaminants are determined by taking a sample of your water.

How to Install a Whole House Water Filter

The process of installing a house water filter requires tools like a drill, drill bits, adjustable wrenches, tubing cutter, bucket and the whole house water filter.

Stage 1: Choose a suitable location to fit the filter. This location should be accessed with ease while changing the filters.

Stage 2: draining the entire system

First, stop any water flow to the house. Then cut enough section of the pipe that accommodates the filter, connection fittings and put the new shut off valve.

Stage 3: measuring and cutting the pipes

Assemble the system’s parts and mark for cutting. Hold the pipe in place to cut exact position for fitting the shutoff valve.

Stage 4: Attaching the fittings

There is push fitting on the side of your filter which you need to connect to the pipe at its furthest end. In case the filter fitting does not match the diameter of your pipe, you can use an adapter on both sides to fit it in. It is recommended that you tighten the fittings. You can use a Teflon tape which offers a good seal between the fittings and the filter port. After all the fittings are in place, make a mark on the final piece of the pipe you are using by aligning it with the edges of the shut-off valve.

Stage 5: Positioning of the Filter

During the filter installation, ensure that water enters it through the port marked “in” and leaves through the port marked “out”. Be careful and know that in case the fittings are matched wrongly, the system will not work properly.

Stage 6: Testing the system

The entire kit comes with a handle that turns the inlet valves in various positions. If you fix the filter correctly, turn the valve in off position and slowly turn the water on at the shutoff valve. Any leaks in the system should be identified at this level. You should use the handle again to switch the valve from off to filter position for the tank to fill with water. Check for any leaks again. If any leaks are detected, you should tighten the fittings until leaking stops.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Whole House Water Purification System


  1. Offers clean, safe and crystal clear water for all the household activities such as showering, cooking, and drinking.
  2. Have longer life span as compared to other water filtration systems of about 3 to five years.
  3. Its multiple stage filtration process eliminates up to about 30 different water contaminants.
  4. An inexpensive way of accessing clean and safe drinking water.


  1. The majority of Whole house water filtration systems need professional installation.
  2. The majority of these systems are limited to the number of contaminants they can eliminate.

Final Verdict

It is without a doubt that the benefits of a water filtration system outweigh the disadvantages. I, therefore, strongly recommend purchasing of the Best Whole House Water Filters. It is also of great importance to make a market survey to determine the most suitable system for your house before making a purchase.

There are many purification systems in the market, both genuine and counterfeit. If you expect the best quality of purified water, you should consider buying a reliable system that will ensure a high rate of microbes and dirt removal. Cleaning of water from dangerous organisms and dirt goes along with improving your family’s health as well as preserving plumbing materials and utensils in your house.

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