Brondell H2O+ Circle Review – Water Saving Reverse Osmosis System

Brondell H2O+ Circle Review

Water is a vital substance of life. Every living thing requires water to survive, and humans need good, clean and sufficient water in that case. Unluckily, the supply of safe and clean drinking water is not easily available in the most developed countries.

It is therefore on this note that quality not only a good reverse osmosis system is needed. A system that will guarantee you access to; clean, safe, great tasting and clear drinking water

There are different models of reverse osmosis systems available in the market today. However, Brondell H2O + Circle Water Saving reverse osmosis system has established themselves with their quality products. They are well known for manufacturing water infiltration systems, but their Reverse osmosis is a no exclusion.

The system is uniquely designed and appear different from other reverse osmosis systems. Visually, Brondell H2O + Circle water filtration system is contained in a glossy compact design different from the bulky appearance of most conventional reverse osmosis systems.

The Brondell H2O+ systems utilize new technologies that make it 10X more efficient than most current similar systems. It makes about 2 gallons of waste water for every gallon of pure water produced as compared to the typical 4 of majority such systems.

Moreover, the circle integrates both the tank and the filters hence removing any need a particular electricity. Everything of this system is enclosed, and it appears neat under your sink with fewer tubes exposed.

Besides, Brondell circle reverse osmosis has included a smart valve and a circular reservoir which helps in minimizing the back pressure.

The system has an easy to use user interface. Unlike many RO systems which usually depend on stickers with a date as to when to change the filters, Brondell H2O system has added a LED light which lights when the filters have been used up and need a replacement.

This is important since the quality of the water to be filtered is the one which determines when the filters need replacement and not necessarily after a given period.

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Features of the Brondell H2O+ Circle Water Saving Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System:

Brondell H2O+ circle reverse osmosis system is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After weeks of research, testing and analyzing the features, we picked Brondell H2O+ Circle is a one of the best water filter in our reverse osmosis systems list.

The Four Stage Filtration Process

Brondell H2O + Circle Water filtering system has four filtering stages. Each stage is well developed and performs a specific task with the aim of getting you your desired quality of water at the final stage. These stages include;

Stage 1: also known as the sediment filtering stage and it is where particulate materials are eliminated. The materials removed in this stage include; rust, sand, and other small particles. This step is significant in that it helps in extending the lifespan of other filters as it acts as a pre-filter.

Stage 2: this stage a pre-carbon plus filter that to a great extend minimizes chlorine, volatile organic compounds and other soluble contaminants which might damage the reverse osmosis membrane.

Stage 3: the reverse osmosis membrane is found at this stage. It operates by forcing the water through a partially permeable membrane. The water is separated from almost all contaminants including heavy metals, fluoride, cysts, and industrial chemical and arsenic.

Stage 4: the post carbon block filters are found at this stage, and they further reduce any remaining contaminants in your water like volatile organic compounds and chlorine hence enhancing the overall order and taste of your water.

Easy Maintenance and DIY Installation

Brondell H2O+ Circle ReviewThe Brondell H2O RO system does not need electricity to operate. This alone makes it easy to maintain as it is a self-sustaining system which only needs filter changing once in a while. It has features such as auto flushing and twists and locks filter changes which make filter changing easy.

To operate and maintain this system, one does not need to have any technical knowledge.

Regarding installation, Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system is among the easiest. The product manual categorically outlines what need to be done, and, the system design is also not complicated. If your sink has a blanked off hole like most modern sink designs, that will save you time and energy as you will not need to drill a hole for the product faucet.

To make things easy, Brondell designed this system with only three connectors that are the feed pipe, waste outlet, and the primary outlet. These tubes are connected to their respective positions simply by the push to fit connectors except the waste outlet which is connected through a saddle to the already existing wastewater channel.

Water Saving Smart Technology

The majority of RO systems waste a lot of water during the filtration process. Some can waste up to five gallons for every single gallon produced. That will lead to a lot of water going to waste and the need for an efficient system is inevitable.

The Brondell H2O comes handy in such circumstances. Its design makes it ten times more useful as compared to other RO systems as its total water is about 2 gallons for every gallon produced.

Compact Filtration System Design

Brondell H2O+ Circle ReviewThe Brondell H2O+ Circle Water Saving RO system is neatly designed with everything being contained in one container that perfectly fits under your sink or in most counter tops. These include the six-liter water reservoir and the filter system. Its glossy appearance makes it appear neat even when installed in an open space.

Brondell H2O utilized quality technology in this product. The filters are easy to change by only giving each filter a quarter turn after opening the front unit of the filter. The filters are pulled out manually by hand.

The filters need a replacement after every six months. This varies depending on your feed water quality. You will be notified by the LED light which will light when the filters have been worn out when the filters are working well, the LED light lights blue but when they are worn out, they start flashing red indicating that they need a replacement.

However, the Reverse Osmosis membrane need a replacement after every two years. After changing the filters, to reset the light, don’t forget to replace the battery included in the Brondell’s filter change package.

Circular Reservoir and Smart Valve

The Brondell’s H2O circular reservoir together with its exceptional one of a kind smart valve are fundamental to its effective and efficient design. These unique features help in minimizing the back pressure on the Reverse Osmosis membrane filter making it a champion in Reverse Osmosis efficiency.

Quality and WQA Gold-Seal Certified filters

Brondell H2O+ utilizes quality filters which have been tested and approved to have no health effects. The filters are very useful and efficiently have the capability of eliminating substances such as chlorine, heavy metals, lead, arsenic, and other chemicals which might be harmful to one’s health.

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  • Sturdy compact design
  • Water efficient system
  • Auto membrane flushing capability that helps in extending its lifespan
  • A LED indicator light used as a guide of showing when the filters are in good condition and when they need a replacement
  • A large output capacity of about 55 gallons per day
  • Regular filter replacements might be a bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Some common questions that asked and answered about this product include;

Q: Which filters does this system use and what are their costs?
A: The system uses Brondell Circle reverse osmosis replacement filters. A set of the carbon filters costs at around $80 and the Reverse Osmosis membrane costs at around $90

Q: Can the system eliminate all traces of fluoride?
A: The system does remove fluoride but not 100% percent. According to the data given by the manufacturer, the system can eliminate up to 83.8% of fluoride.

Q: Is it possible for one to bypass the faucet directly into the fridge?
A: Oh well, that might be possible in certain situations and requires one to bypass any filter in the refrigerator. However, you can contact Brondell for further information on the same.

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Final Verdict:

The Brondell H2O+ circle review showed that it is an efficient and quality product for anyone who needs to have a constant supply of quality, clean and safe drinking water with minimal wastage.

The product is unique in quite some ways but, with its glossy appearance, compact design, quality, and, certified filters all make it an outstanding product in the market that everyone would love to have.

The systems maintenance is easy with no electricity needed to operate.

The most amazing features of this system are the smart valve and the indicator LED light. The smart valve reduces back pressure on the membrane and the LED indicator light keeps you notified as to whether your filters are working well or need a replacement.

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