Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 Reverse Osmosis System Review

Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 Review

The Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System offers you the opportunity of drinking and using clean, quality water.

This water filter system ensures that the water you’re drinking is appropriately safe and healthy. It makes use of reverse osmosis to filter water. It utilizes water pressure in your home and forcing water through some series of membranes which filter the water, emptying impurities down the drain. Below is a review of the Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 RO System, well detailed, unbiased and resourceful.

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Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 Reverse Osmosis System

This is a non-battery operated kind of water purifier, weighing 16.5 lbs and bearing dimensions of 12 * 4 * 12 inches. It is designed having 4 purification stages, which efficiently remove almost all impurities present in tap water. The system has been certified independently to ANSI-NSF standard 58.

Below is what this system offers, in terms of features:

Unique Design

Attractiveness isn’t usually among the selling points of this kind of system, considering that it’s installed somewhere barely in sight. However, this system is somehow colorful and appealing. Each of the 4-stage elements bear its own bright, yet distinctive color. This color scheme’s purpose isn’t for looks as most would presume.

It serves as an aid when one’s replacing the filters and membranes.

Normally, the filters ought to be replaced annually, with the reverse osmosis membrane prompting replacement every 2-3 years. The tank is reliably durable, given that it’s made from steel.

In addition, the system saves lots of space, having been designed to compactly fit under the sink. As such, you need not worry about the kitchen layout.

Great Operation System

It’s a great, unique operation with this unit. The Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 features a 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit working temperature. It requires water pressure ranging from 40 psi to 100 psi.

Considering the incoming pressure requirements, you’ll have to monitor the water pressure in your home over 24 hours. Should the water pressure elevate beyond 100 psi, installing a pressure regulator will be necessary.

At optimum water pressure, the system’s tank can contain 2-3 gallons of water. The maximum water volume that can be filtered in 1 hour is approximately 50 gallons.

For easy filter replacement, each filter head bears its own auto-shut off. You won’t need to shut off the water supply whenever you’re changing the filter.

Four-Step Water Purification System

By asserting that this is a reverse osmosis system, it implies that the system utilizes a membrane- a feature quite rare in most models. The high-production membrane is able to filter contaminants down to even 1/10,000 micron. Most people prefer reverse osmosis simply because the filtration technique with it is much more superior.

The whole process involves 4 different stages as explained below:

Stage 01: Water goes through a filter. Sediments, silt, rust and other dirt particles are removed. Such usually affect the taste and color of water.

Stage 02: This comprises a carbon filter, which eliminates chlorine, among other contaminants capable of making your water smelly and bad-tasting.

Stage 03: The system includes a 50-gallon (per day) reverse osmosis membrane which filters out all contaminants capable of affecting one’s health along with water’s taste. Here, amounts of sodium, total dissolved solids and other things such as lead, arsenic, copper and chromium, are significantly reduced. It’s also at this stage that the system will eliminate 99% of cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium, while also reducing nitrates and nitrites in your drinking water.

Stage 04: The final stage features a post-carbon filter. This serves to ascertain that impurities and contaminants have been effectively eliminated, hence assuring you of suitably safe, healthy and tasty water. Water will pass through the final stage whenever you turn the faucet on.

Easy Installation

I highly recommend the Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 unit if you’re seeking a convenient water filtering system, especially due to its ease of installation. Most users acknowledge its installation to be conveniently and relatively easier.

In addition, the manufacturer includes clearly outlined, easy-to-understand instructions. However, considering that you’ll have to install the faucet, some drilling might be required.

You may opt to do it yourself, or rather seek professional services.

Affordable RO System

The Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 Reverse Osmosis System is relatively affordable, as securing one doesn’t require you to dig so deep into your pockets. A one-time purchase of the unit, as well as replacing the filters, will certainly cost you a lot lesser than regularly buying drinking water.

Also, it’ll be more convenient if you’ve already secured a clean water source right inside your home.

Packaging and Warranty

The unit comes along with an installation kit, the faucet and an exclusive 3-year limited warranty.

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  • It’s quite easy to install
  • The system guarantees good, tasting and clean water whose quality is crisp
  • No power is needed as it uses water pressure to function
  • It looks appealing and great in your sink as it comes with a good-looking air-gap chrome faucet
  • Changing its sanitary filters is suitably easy and conveniently quick to do
  • Some individuals have raised concerns regarding the trickling sound made while the system is processing water

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Are RO Pure tanks really BPA-free?
A. Yes, and this has been duly confirmed. In accordance to details presented on the Watts’ website, the RO pure tanks are completely BPA free. On the tank’s inside, there’s a polypropylene liner and also a butyl diaphragm for the storage area. Polypropylene, as a material, has been recently certified by FDA, ANSI and NSF to eliminate use of BPA plastics.

Q. Does this water system remove fluoride?
A. Basically, reverse osmosis serves to remove almost all contaminants, including fluoride.

Q. How many gallons (tap water) will I require for every water gallon from the RO unit?
A. To my understanding, one gallon is required for every 5 gallons.

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Final Verdict

There’s dire need to have reliable water purifiers in our homes. Health is one primary, ultimate concern for almost everyone, and thus, we need to ascertain the quality of the water we’re taking. On www.amazon.com, lots of reviews from users who’ve used this system highly recommend it to others, appreciating how beneficial it’s, and how effectively it works as well.

Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 RO System definitely a great match if you’re seeking a top-notch water purifier that’s also cost-friendly.

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